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The pandemic highlighted major gaps in the “normal” systems for nurses, patients, and their families. What gives nurses hope is that we will fix things so that they are not put at risk nor left exhausted, demoralized, or compromised when they deliver care.

The Foundation has seized this opportunity to redress long-standing and pervasive challenges in nursing. The goal through this phase is to rebuild for the better and properly support nurses.


Healthcare beyond COVID

The Foundation’s commitment is to rebuild nursing by accelerating fundamental changes in the education, regulation, and practice of nursing, so nurses are truly empowered and resourced to thrive.

Key initiatives include:

  • Reimagining Nursing: The RN Initiative: This initiative aims to transform the profession into a dynamic competency-oriented system that prepares all nurses to work in the evolving healthcare environment and allows them to apply the full extent of their education and training.
  • Family Presence Policy Decision-Making Toolkit for Nurse Leaders: This decision-making tool helps healthcare leaders implement hospital and nursing home visitation policies that balance safety and infection control with the importance of in-person family presence.
  • Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation: This free nurse wellness initiative from ANA has a multitude of resources to support nurses’ well-being.

This care given to nurses translates back into exemplary care for patients, as it increases nurses’ capacity and ability to pour themselves into their absolutely critical work – for healthier nurses lead to healthier communities.


We have been through a tough year that taught us all a bit about ourselves as individuals, as a team, and as nurses. We have seen and learned a lot this past year, and most of all I think we have learned just how strong we are especially when we band together. I believe this experience has made me a more self-aware nurse. I’m making sure to advocate that all staff take time to care for themselves. No one can care for others if they are not caring for themselves.

Support the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses

Share your thanks and support for nurses, who provide the majority of patient care on the frontlines, by making a donation.

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