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Direct Financial Assistance

American Nurses Foundation has granted nearly $3 million to provide direct financial assistance to US registered nurses in financial peril due to a COVID diagnosis or unable to work because of COVID restrictions. A portion of these funds are earmarked specifically for nurses of color, who are being hit far harder by this pandemic than their white counterparts, as well for nurses working in long-term care, hospice, and home care settings. 

These personal support grants are available through our partner, Nurses House, Inc., a nurse-managed, non-profit organization dedicated to helping registered nurses in need. You can find more information on the application and requirements HEREYou can access the application directly through this LINK

In addition, we are partnering with the Foundation for Financial Planning and Edelman Financial Engines to provide free financial planning guidance for these supported nurses.

As one nurse said in response to the financial aid, "Thank you SO much for the generous grant I received for the COVID-19 emergency fund. The support during this unprecedented time was so kind and truly helped me stay afloat after being out of work with severe COVID myself. Thank you for making this assistance possible for other nurses as well as myself."


This map is a visualization of the dissemination of the Direct Financial Assistance Grants facilitated through Nurses House, Inc. The $3 million in direct financial assistance would not have been possible without significant corporate contributions from: The Allstate Foundation, Tylenol, and the Humana Foundation


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