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ANA Strategic Plan 2017—2020


All nurses as a powerful, unified force in engaging consumers and transforming health and healthcare.


Nurses advancing our profession to improve health for all.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) outlines the vision, values, strategic goals, and strategic objectives that will allow ANA to be a true catalyst for transforming health care and advancing the nursing profession to improve health for all.

ANA Strategic Goals

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1. Increase the number and engagement of nurses with ANA


Deliver the most relevant content, programs, services, practices, policies, and advocacy to the registered nurse population via targeted segmentation
To ensure the greatest value and impact on the overall nursing profession, it is essential to define different member/nurse segments, and then tailor specific programs/initiatives to deliver policy, practice, advocacy, products, and professional development that address both current and emerging needs and pain points. This will be achieved by leveraging business intelligence to clearly define market segments, aligning content to these segments, and using association and nurse leaders who reflect the diversity of those we serve to deliver content.

Build and expand upon relationships with all nurses
Creating a sustainable business model that delivers long-term value and transforms health care requires continually exploring new approaches that mobilize and engage nurses to expand the impact of the nursing profession. This will be achieved by building upon existing initiatives and creating new ones that engage larger numbers of nurses in compelling ways, and evaluating different organizational structures and membership models that will enable ANA to increase impact and pursue other revenue streams.

2. Stimulate and disseminate innovation that increases recognition of the value of nursing and drives improvement in health and health care


Leverage data and analytics across the care continuum to drive nurse-led innovation
Transforming health care requires collecting, sharing, and applying meaningful and actionable data to deliver quality health care to more people at a lower cost. As an integral player across the continuum of care, nursing can be the catalyst for leveraging the most critical data. This will be achieved by advocating, educating, communicating, and engaging nurses and the broader health care community to adopt policies and methodologies that maximize the power of nursing and add transformative value in the form of quality, cost, and safety across the care continuum.

Foster & disseminate nurse-focused innovations and best practices to significantly impact patient & nurse outcomes
Transforming health care to positively impact patient and nurse outcomes requires creative thinking and innovation that keeps pace with the rapidly changing needs and demands of nurses, consumers, and stakeholders. This will be achieved by identifying, prioritizing, and disseminating nurse-focused insights, knowledge, and best practices that foster the development of new, expanded, or improved policy/practice, advocacy, products, and professional development, both nationally and globally.

3. Leverage the ANA Enterprise to position nurses as integral partners in consumers' health and health care journeys


Launch a nationwide campaign to improve the health of nurses and the nation (e.g., Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation: Leading the Way to Better Health)
While the future of health care is focused on wellness, in every category except for smoking, the health of America's nurses is worse than that of the average American. Nurses should serve as role models for their patients, colleagues, families, and neighbors; but today's nurses are not meeting this goal. This challenge can be addressed through improving the health of nurses in ways that visibly demonstrate leadership around the value of nursing across the continuum of care, develop strategic partnerships that amplify critical messages, and disseminate best practices to nurses and beyond.

Educate registered nurses to assume new roles that transform the nurse-to-consumer relationship
The dramatic shift in nurses' roles will continue as the health care system transforms into a consumer-driven model. To effectively impact the practices, policies, delivery models, and outcomes across the continuum of care, nurses will require new leadership skills and competencies. This can be achieved through education, provided directly and through strategic partnerships; advocacy; and leadership that redefine the nurse-to-consumer relationship across the care continuum for nurses themselves and for the health care industry.

Partner with consumer-focused content providers and educators to dramatically increase nurse-to-consumer positioning and awareness
The drivers of consumer-driven health care go far beyond the traditional health care industry itself and include technology disruptors, new consumer experiences tied to mobile devices and online resources, and other trends. Opportunities to leverage these trends (versus being disrupted by them) include new partnerships that advance consumers' awareness of and engagement with nursing, as well as new business models that create new non-dues revenue streams.

Increase consumers' awareness of the value of nurses to improve health and well-being
With the power of the consumer voice rapidly becoming the driver of new policy, change, and business models in today's connected world, it becomes essential to establish ever-present awareness in the minds of consumers. This can be achieved by highlighting the positive outcomes of the nurse-to-consumer relationship and tapping into the ethics and human rights values that transcend nursing.

2017-2020 Strategic Plan Overview


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