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ANA & State Membership

ANA is the only professional organization representing the interests of all registered nurses, regardless of areas of specialization, clinical setting or work environment. Membership in ANA connects you with nurses from across the country. Your membership provides unique opportunities for you to advance your career, gain knowledge that will improve patient care and influence decisions that impact nurses at the national and state level.

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ANA Only Membership

In some states, RNs are permitted to join ANA directly. Members of ANA Only receive full ANA member benefits but no benefits at the state level. ANA Only individual members support and have a chance to influence the decisions made at the national level that affect the practice of nursing and the health of our patients.

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ANA E-Membership Only

A virtual ANA membership - and our lowest cost option. Perfect for RNs who want to support their profession and access members only content on Does not include benefits in the state nurses association or discounts on ANCC certification. ANA E-Membership Only is available in select states.

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Nursing Students and Subscriber

ANA for Nursing Students
  • Undergraduate nursing students are eligible to become Subscribers at a discounted rate or even free!
ANA Subscriber
  • Membership in ANA is restricted to registered nurses. Paid subscriptions are available for individuals interested in ANA, but who are ineligible for membership.
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Joining online is easy. In a few minutes, you'll be an ANA member. Here's what you’ll need to complete the application.
  • You will need to register (or login) to NursingWorld.
  • ANA accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  
  • You can have your credit card billed monthly or pay your dues in full now.
  • If you were referred by an ANA member, please have your sponsor’s name and email ready so they can get credit.
  • To pay by check, download a membership activation form.

Member Benefits

Among other benefits, your membership includes discounts on tuition at universities with online nursing degree programs. More Info >

Learn what ANA Membership means from ANA Members

I belong to ANA because it serves as a key political voice for change in healthcare and for the nursing profession.

- Anita H. King