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ANA’s current bylaws require that members be RNs. However, ANA recognizes that there are many individuals who may want and need to access the exclusive content and benefits that are available to members on In order to accommodate this need, individuals can sign up to be Subscribers.

Undergraduate nursing students have the unique opportunity to become Subscribers. Find out more about this program, including how to apply.

Subscriber Fee:  $25 per year

What ANA Gives You

  • Find a new job on Nurse's Career Center.
  • Participate in ANANurseSpace – ANA’s new online social network! 
  • Free online access to OJIN - the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing.
  • Sign up for ANA Smart Brief – an electronic daily news feed that brings healthcare and nursing news from around the country to your computer
  • Free access to ANA's informative online (or email) newsletters including - Capitol Update and Nursing Insider
  • Access to members only tools on the ANA website, NursingWorld.
  • Ability to see content free only to members, including factsheets, toolkits, access to position statement background materials, and more.

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