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Welcome to the newly redesigned ANA website! We hope you like the new NursingWorld.org site and find it easier to navigate. Changes have been made, guided by user testing. Here’s a look at some of the new features and elements on the site:

This is a whole new part of NursingWorld.org. Instead of having Members Only page, members each have their own landing page with information of interest to them. The resources that were on the Members Only page are still available, but they are now located under Member Benefits. A member login is required to access these features.

Members Only
Members no longer have to go off to a separate section of the site to find all the great features available.  Instead, you will find Members Only benefits throughout the site. And members have their own page, at MyANA. Learn about the new organization of Members Only content and to find something that lived on the Members Only page.

Member Benefit Lock
You have the power to unlock benefits. By joining ANA, in addition to discounts on CE modules, books, certification, and other products and also have access to special members only content.  You will be able to identify this content throughout the NursingWorld site by the padlock symbol.

Top Viewed
What information do other visitors find valuable?  What has been added recently?  The top viewed box appears throughout the site and shows visitors what others looked at in that section. This is a quick way to find the most popular information, like the Code of Ethics.

Mega Footer
You may notice that the bottom of the page has a lot of links. Some of the categories in the main navigation at the top of the page are also at the bottom to help you navigate quickly around the site.

Especially for You
Are you a nurse manager looking for resources to share with your staff? Or perhaps you’re a staff nurse, a nurse educator, or an advanced practice nurse. There is a place for you. These new landing pages bring together the content that is most relevant to your work, including continuing education opportunities, factsheets and toolkits, and the latest news.