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Sorry, that option is not available.  Members of Illinois Nurses Association (INA) do not currently have access to ANA benefits and rights including access to My ANA on and other member benefits such as periodicals and discounts.  Your rights to hold a national ANA office and to participate in ANA’s Membership Assembly have also been lost.

Here’s why:  The Illinois Nurses Association Board of Directors and the INA Commission on Economic & General Welfare decided that members could be better served by forming two distinctly different organizations.  INA shall be solely for union nurses, and a new association known as ANA-Illinois, will serve all registered nurses in the state and focus on statewide health policy and nursing regulation.  This decision is effective October 1, 2012.  Furthermore, ANA-Illinois has sought and been granted affiliate status with the American Nurses Association, following INA’s relinquishment of its status as the state affiliate of ANA. 

If you are union nurse represented by INA and have any questions, please contact Alice Johnson at If you have questions about the new organization, please email Susan Swart MS, RN, CAE for additional information.

To learn about options  to stay connected  to ANA through membership in the new ANA-Illinois association,  please click here >>