Acquiring Better Habits

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A habit is something you do over and over again until it's routine. You don't even think about it. You just do it.  Often two habits are done together, like drinking coffee and smoking. Doing them together becomes automatic. Smokers just light up.  It's a habit.

Think about the tobacco product you just used. What were you doing when you lit up?  Did it make you want to smoke?  If it did, that's a trigger.

See if any of the common triggers below are tobacco triggers for you:

  • When you drink coffee, do you smoke?
  • On the commute to work, do you smoke?
  • After eating, do you smoke?
  • When you are stressed, do you smoke?
  • When you are angry with someone, do you smoke?

Triggers have power over tobacco users. It is often hard to do these activities without lighting up.

It's important to know your triggers.  They cause you to crave cigarettes or tobacco or make you feel you need to smoke. Don't let these triggers control you. Take charge. Sometimes a trigger can also be a certain person, place or time of day.

Figure out your common triggers, track the cigarettes you smoke and how you feel while you smoke them, and practice separating your triggers from smoking before you quit.  Adapt the form for whatever tobacco product you use.

Sample Tracking Form
Available for download [Word: 14.1 KB]

Date Time # of Cigarettes Smoked Activity Prior to Smoking (Trigger) Feelings While Smoking Location Anyone with You?

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