Join the Harvard Nurses' Study

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The Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital are excited to announce that the Nurses' Health Study is growing. Started in 1976 and expanded in 1989, the information provided by its 238,000 dedicated nurse-participants has allowed NHS to produce key advances in literally hundreds of important topics–altering medical practice and changing national dietary guidelines. Nurses' Health Study 3 is now accepting nurses into their newest study. ANA encourages our members and their colleagues to participate.

We hope you will act as an ambassador to encourage your colleagues to join this new study. For the new cohort, the plan is to enroll over 100,000 female nurses (RNs and LPNs) and nursing students between 20 and 46 years old (born after January 1, 1965).  The new study is entirely web-based.

To learn more and to join, nurses should visit