Professional Standards

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Nurses trust ANA because of our dedication to standards, guidelines, and principles. We work hard to elevate the nursing profession by defining the values and priorities for registered nurses across the nation. Through this work, ANA can provide direction to nurses across the nation, influence legislation, and implement a framework to objectively evaluate nursing excellence.

Code of Ethics for Nurses
This definitive guide demonstrates how to carry out your nursing responsibilities while providing quality care and meeting your ethical obligations.

ANA Nursing Standards
The scope and standards of practice resources describe the art and science of nursing and the details associated with specialty nursing practice.

ANA Position Statements
When a hot topic arises in the industry, ANA will create an explanation, justification, or recommendation for a course of action — otherwise known as a position statement.

ANA Principles for Nursing Practice
From pay to staffing, delegation to documentation, and even cutting-edge topics such as social media – ANA has principles aimed at giving you practical information for your professional practice.