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Immunization Line

Nurses - along with ANA - do much more than treat ill patients. We promote public health and wellbeing. Immunizations, for both nurses and the public, play a large role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as seasonal influenza. Do your part in keeping your self, your patients and your community safe by keeping up-to-date with immunizations.

Policy Statements

ANA has a long-standing policy supporting immunizations. Read the policy ANA believes nurses have a professional and ethical obligation to be immunized - it protects the health of the nurse, patients, and the community.

Immunization Schedules

Keeping up with the types and timing of vaccines for children and adults can be challenging. ANA maintains a toolkit of immunization schedules See schedules to help you manage when and who to vaccinate. A new schedule is released each January.

“Bringing Immunity to Every Community” Campaign To help nurses prevent the spread of influenza, the ANA has created the “Bringing Immunity to Every Community” toolkit on influenza prevention, See the toolkit focusing on vaccination, for nurses to use in their practice. Visit the toolkit for videos, answers to common questions, and information about this preventable disease.