Diversity Awareness Mission Statement

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Diversity Awareness is…

Expanding on the ANA’s Nursing’s Social Policy Statement, we have assumed the responsibility for assisting professional nurses in their efforts to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population. Diversity Awareness, as we have envisioned it, is acknowledgement and appreciation of the existence of differences in attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and priorities in the health-seeking behaviors of different patient populations; it reflects the nursing profession’s contract with society and our responsibility to act according to a strong code of ethics, i.e., to be aware of our own attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and priorities in providing care to individual patients, families, communities, and populations.

Building on recent strides made in the field of cultural competence and acknowledging the need for proactive and knowledgeable response to persistent health disparities in our society, the ANA has committed to partnering with organizational and scholarly leaders to provide practicing nurses, nurse faculty and educators, administrators, and student nurses with high-quality educational resources that we anticipate will encourage you to:

  • Make a professional commitment to increasing your understanding of diversity issues and apply this knowledge in caring for all patients.
  • Increase awareness of your own attitudes, perceptions, and feelings about different aspects of diversity.