Connected Health/Telehealth

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To apply for this panel you must be an ANA member.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) Department of Health Policy seeks applicants for the Connected Health/Telehealth Professional Issues Panel to be convened in January 2018. This panel will convene for approximately 6-8 months in order to review and update ANA's twelve Core Principles on Telehealth. Registered nurses in current practice with experience and/or training in connected health, telehealth, and telenursing are invited to apply. Applicants must be ANA or organizational affiliate members.

ANA will use "Connected Health" as the global term to reflect the broad lens necessary to update the Core Principles on Telehealth. "Connected Health" has been described as "the umbrella term arrived at to lessen the confusion over definitions of telemedicine, telehealth, and mHealth" (Iglehart, 20 J.K., 2014).

The Steering Committee comprised of approximately 15 individuals will complete the review and update process via monthly two-hour virtual meetings. The review and update of the twelve Core Principles on Telehealth from the Steering Committee will require an additional approximate 10 hours per month in small group sessions again, via virtual meetings. The appointed Chair(s) of the Steering Committee should anticipate an additional 2-4 hours per month time commitments (see chart below).

All applicants not selected for the Steering Committee will be invited to participate in the associated Advisory Committee's virtual dialogue through a dedicated online community, ANACommunity. The Advisory Committee requires approximately two hours per month to participate in online dialogue, including the opportunity to provide feedback, contribute resources such as exemplars, and assist in identifying applicable research in the literature.

Panel Member Type ANA Membership Hours Required Each Month Communication Type Number of Members
Advisory Commmittee Yes Approximately 2 hours per month of online discussions, research and feedback for updated principles. Online
(ANA Community)
Steering Commmittee Yes 2 hours conference call; additional 10 hours for individual principle development Conference call; email 15 members
Chairs Yes 2 hours conference call; additional 10 hours for individual principle development; additional 2-4 hours for leadership Conference call; email 1-2 members

The goal of the Connected Health/Telehealth Professional Issues Panel is to:

  • Identify working definitions for Connected Health and Telehealth.
  • Review and contribute to background reading materials to include in the updated ANA "Core Principles on Telehealth".
  • Identify current understanding of the use of Connected Health tools by practicing nurses (including but not limited to hospital, long term care, education, administration, education, research).
  • Review and update of ANA's Core Principles on Telehealth.
  • Assess current availability and scalability of resources that contribute to Connected Health.
  • Leverage the Advisory Committee to identify best practices, exemplars, innovative strategies to illuminate how the principles are applied in practice settings.
  • Collaborate with ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights to determine if the updated Principles for Connected Health may be mapped to the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (the Code) and ANA's Position Statement: Privacy and confidentiality.

Applicants must be ANA members.

Application Deadline
The Call for Applications for this panel is closed. Notifications of selection for the Connected Health/Telehealth Professional Issues Panel will be sent by mid-December 2017. Questions can be sent to Please do not send applications to this email address.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in support of the American Nurses Association.

Need Assistance?
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