Promoting Safe Medication Use in the Older Adult

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ANA Position Statement - Approved 3/12/09

To promote safe medication use in the older adult, the American Nurses Association supports:
  • Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the older adult’s medication profile to encourage safe medication use
  • Clear communication of medication information to patients, family members, caregivers, the next healthcare professional and/or organization providing care
  • Reconciliation of medications each time an older adult experiences a transition in care.
  • Research on pharmacodynamics, pharmaceutics, and pharmacotherapeutics in the older adult with co-morbid conditions and varying levels of function and cognition across the continuum of care
  • Research on clinical interventions to test the effects of specific interventions related to care of aging populations, medication prescribing and administration, clinical settings and staffing, and interdisciplinary approaches to safety and quality of care
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