Questions Nurses Should Ask about Any Health Reform Proposal

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  1. Is it a truly inclusive system where no one is left out?
  2. Does it improve people’s access to health care?
  3. Does it reallocate resources and infrastructure to support primary care and prevention?
  4. Does it rely on evidence-based care and reward quality?
  5. Does it tackle disparities in health care quality and outcomes, especially among vulnerable populations?
  6. Is it affordable for working families?
  7. Does it protect families from financial ruin in cases where health care expenses are disproportionately large?
  8. Does it offer affordable and predictable costs to businesses and employers?
  9. Does it demand accountability, transparency and equity from the private health care marketplace?
  10. Does it invest in nursing?
  11. Does it open the door for RNs to optimize their skills, knowledge and abilities in all roles and settings to help patients?
  12. Does it provide a coherent national health care vision and strategy?