Legislative and Regulatory Priorities for the 114th Congress

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ANA Legislative and Regulatory Priorities for the 114th Congress

Strategic Goal 1: Promote a safe ethical work environment as well as the health and wellness of nurses in all settings.

Appropriate Staffing:

Workplace Health and Safety

Strategic Goal 2: Advance the quality and safety of patient care in transforming the health care system.

Health Information Technology

Protect and Improve the ACA

Strategic Goal 3 – Optimize professional nursing practice and the quality of health care through leadership development and by ensuring full use of the knowledge and skills of RNs and APRNs.

Nursing Workforce Development:

APRN Barriers to Practice

Introduce legislation to:

Seek regulatory changes that will eliminate costly, unnecessary supervision requirements

Support recognition of full practice authority for APRNs throughout the VA system (regulatory)

Support a permanent fix to the sustainable growth rate

In addition to the core priority areas above, ANA will work in collation with others to monitor and advance issues including:

Emergency/pandemic preparedness
Environmental Health
Gun violence
Medicinal Marijuana
Mental health
Population Health