Health Care Ethics

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The Center for Health Ethics and Law at the West Virginia University
Health ethical issues for professionals and non-professionals.
Nuffield Council of Bioethics
Addresses issues of ethical concern in medicine and biology.
Centre for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia
The Centre is an independent unit in the Faculty of Graduate Studies. It is primarily an interdisciplinary research centre which studies a diverse range of topics, including health care practices, business and professional procedures, new information technologies and environmental issues.
Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University
The Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Institute of Ethics, is a teaching and research center offering ethical perspectives on major policy issues. It is the largest university based group of faculty members in the world devoted to research and teaching in biomedical ethics and other areas of applied ethics. The Institute also houses the most extensive library of ethics in the world, the National Reference Center for Bioethics Literature; produces BIOETHICSLINE®, an online medical ethics database; and conducts regular seminars and courses in bioethics.