Genomic Special Issue Webinar Series

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As an adjunct to the Journal of Nursing Scholarship 2013 Genomics Special Issue, most of the authors have agreed to present more detailed information from their paper and answer questions as part of a series of live open access Webinars. This Webinar series kicked off on February 5, 2013 at 4PM EST and continues throughout the next few months.

Please visit for log-in information and additional information about each of the Webinars listed below. All webinars are free and will be taped for future viewing, accessible at the

February 19, 2013
3:30PM EST-Current and Emerging Technology Approaches in Genomics

March 5, 2013
3:30PM EST-Cardiovascular Genomics
4:00PM EST-An Overview of the Genomics of Metabolic Syndrome

March 20, 2013
3:30PM EST-Implications of Newborn Screening for Nurses and Nursing Faculty
4:00PM EST-Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in the Translation of Genomics into Healthcare

April 2, 2013
3:30PM EST-Integration of Genomics in Cancer Care
4:00PM EST-Physical, Psychological and Ethical issues in Caring for Individuals with Genetic Skin Disease

April 26, 2013
3:30PM EST-Genomics and Autism Spectrum Disorder
4:00PM EST-An Update of Childhood Genetic Disorders

May 7, 2013
3:30PM EST-A Blueprint for Genomic Nursing Science