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The Code of Ethics project was initiated by the ANA Board of Directors and the Congress on Nursing Practice in 1995. The Code of Ethics Project Task Force, appointed in 1996, was charged with establishing a comprehensive process of review, analysis and revision of the Code for Nurses (1985), providing initial substantive critique and suggested modifications, creating open review process, and developing final recommendations.

The revised Code for Nurses proposed as the Code of Ethics for Nurses was forwarded to the Congress of Nursing Practice and Board of Directors to the 1998 House of Delegates (HOD) for approval. The HOD voted to refer the Code of Ethics for Nurses back to the ANA Board of Directors for further work. The ANA Board decided that further revisions with increased staff nurse input were needed.

During the ANA Convention 2000 in Indianapolis, Indiana, a continuing education session about the Code revision process and a policy issues forum were convened. The continuing education session demonstrated how the new draft Code could be usefully applied to actual case situations. In June of 2001, the ANA House of Delegates voted to accept the nine major provisions of a revised Code of Ethics. In July, 2001, the Congress of Nursing Practice and Economics voted to accept the new language of the interpretive statements resulting in a fully approved revised Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements. You may wish to take the online continuing education independent study module, available on this website.

Throughout this revision process, the Task Force has attempted to seek the opinions and suggestions of a wide range of nurses, individuals, and groups. This is done through regional conference calls, presentations, extensive field reviews, and numerous individual and group discussions.

Why Must I pay for the Code for Nurses?

The cost associated with the entire Code covers the cost to print, warehouse, and respond to requests for the document.

The Code of Ethics is available online for viewing only, at no charge (See Below). Copies of the Code are available for purchase.

The provisions and the interpretive statements are both copyrighted. ANA does routinely grant permission to members, publishers, organizations, and educational institutions to reproduce the provisions of the Code. Most nurses and others who desire a full understanding of the breadth of acceptable ethical conduct desire the Code with the interpretive statements. Although ANA generally sells the book, the ethics center staff has never denied a copy of the document to a state association or to a state association member who had a specific need for the document and who had no means (financial or other) to acquire the document.

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Copyright Permissions

For questions regarding copyright permissions for the Code of Ethics, contact us via e-mail.