Conflict Engagement

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In a field like nursing, where passions and tensions run high, learning to effectively handle conflict is a critical safety skill. That's why ANA has created a comprehensive program designed to give nurses the skills and strategies they need to perform well in the face of conflict.

On-Site Conflict Engagement Program

ANA created a three-part program designed to help nurses of all levels, in all locations deal with conflict. Participants:

  • Get general knowledge in an online education module
  • Learn from conflict experts in a conflict setting
  • Practice role-playing with real-world scenarios.

This program also gets real-world results. In a recent survey, individuals who completed the program reported a “real desire to quit creating work-arounds to avoid conflict” because they had “stronger skills to comfortably and respectfully address conflict.” Reduced conflict in the workplace can lead to improved patient care, reduced employee turnover, and a happier work environment. Contact us to schedule training at your facility.

Tools You Can Use