Congress and Federal Agencies

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Nurses Before Supreme Court

ANA's Federal Government Affairs program helps you stay on top of federal legislative and regulatory issues. Please use this page as a resource for information about how federal issues affect you and how you can be a formidable citizen-advocate!

Legislation & Issues
Learn about federal legislation and issues that affect us, our patients, and our nation.

Congressional Nursing Caucus
Find out if your Representative and Senators are on the 113th  Congressional Nursing Caucus.

ANA Congressional Testimony
Read the testimonies ANA has presented before Congress.

Agencies & Regulatory Affairs
ANA monitors executive departments regarding the regulations they issue and their implementation of federal laws.

RN Activist Toolkit
A resource for nurse-activists. Learn how to focus your efforts and your voice in concert with allies throughout the country.

Take Action
Focus your efforts and raise your voice in concert with nurses across the country!