Maggie Jacobs (1943-1992) 2000 Inductee

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Maggie Jacobs 

Maggie Jacobs was a powerful leader in nursing. Although her remarkable life was cut tragically short at age 49, her influence will forever help to shape nursing and health care. Jacobs was a fierce and effective advocate for New York City's poor and for the development of its health care system.

She held positions of leadership for 21 years in the largest exclusively registered nurse bargaining unit in the United States - Health and Hospitals Corporation of the City of New York. In addition, she shared her dedication, expertise and leadership in numerous diverse community organizations, thus contributing to society while improving the public's understanding of nursing.

Jacobs received many honors and awards, including the Distinguished Service Award from the Nurses Association for the Counties of Long Island in New York, the Outstanding Community Service Award from the Harriet Tubman Political Club in Brooklyn, NY, and the Community Service Award from the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs in Brooklyn, NY. She also received an award of Honorary Recognition from the New York State Nurses Association.