Funding Quality Initiatives on Your Unit Webinar

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How often have your quality initiatives suffered from the lack of the right resources – like staff time, training and supplies? Do you have trouble making the case to your hospital administration about why these resources are necessary to effect long-lasting and ultimately cost-saving quality improvements?

Build your sustainable quality improvement plan with buy-in, resources and funding from your hospital administration by using best practices from the webinar, Funding Quality Initiatives on your Unit on July 17, 1-2 PM ET. Learn how to champion your quality initiatives at both the unit level and administration level.; Drive your hospital along the path to true quality improvement and positive patient outcomes with the powerful combination of administration buy-in, adequate resources and funding, evidence-based practice, optimal nursing care, and effective leadership.

This webinar delves into how to best leverage data and nurse-led innovative practices to make the case for gaining additional resources to improve quality and ultimately cut costs and improve patient outcomes.