National Nurses Week Emphasizes Quality Care and Innovation, May 6-12

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Registered nurses (RNs) are continually innovating to enhance the quality of patient care, whether improving conditions for one patient or solving a problem for a whole population. Patients are benefitting from nurses’ leadership role in improving quality, such as the RNs selected to serve as “innovation advisors” for national health care programs to develop more effective treatment and prevention strategies and reduce costs.

“Using their knowledge, compassion, and skills, nurses work to help individuals maintain and improve their health, educate them about their treatment, and care for their bodies and minds throughout the life span,” said American Nurses Association President Karen A. Daley, PhD, RN, FAAN. “This year, we’re recognizing nurses’ impact on elevating the quality of care through innovation and using data to devise more effective care strategies. This work contributes to our ultimate goal: better quality health care for all.”