Call for Public Comment: Genomic Nursing State of Science Draft Research Recommendations

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The Genomic Nursing State of the Science Advisory Panel is requesting public comments on draft research recommendations arising from an invitational workshop held on June 8, 2012 at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the purposes of finalizing genomics nursing research priorities. The comment period closes August 14, 2012.  To be able to review the genomic nursing research recommendations and provide your comments, visit:


Background Information:
The overall purpose of the Genomic Nursing State of the Science Initiative is to: 1) review and evaluate the available evidence on genetics/genomics competency and nursing practice; and 2) establish a research agenda based on a systematic evaluation of the current state of the science.

The Genomic Nursing State of the Science Advisory Panel consisted of two coordinators and eleven invited individuals from the interdisciplinary community who were selected based on their expertise in genomics, nursing workforce issues, nursing research, system change, health services measurement, and evidence based synthesis. Advisory Panel members represented practice environments, academics, under-represented population and interdisciplinary groups, as well as various federal agencies. Existing evidence from a systematic evidence review, testimony from key stakeholder groups, and presentations from experts in research synthesis all were considered by the Advisory Panel.

The draft research agenda focuses on the client and the context. Client encompasses the individual, family, community, population. Context refers to informatics support systems, capacity building, education, and environmental influences. Draft research recommendations target interventions likely to improve clinical, economic, and environmental outcomes from any care setting and representing diverse populations.

These draft research recommendations are an independent recommendation of the Advisory Panel and are not a policy statement of the National Institutes of Health or the Federal Government. The Advisory Panel recommended solicitation of public comment on the draft research priorities to assure that the final recommendations are comprehensive and reflective of priorities relevant to nursing. Each comment will be considered for incorporation into the final research recommendations by the Advisory Panel.

During the 30-day comment period, the Advisory Panel is requesting comments on:

  • Gaps in the research recommendations.
  • Ways in which the research recommendations could be clarified.
  • Other potential interdisciplinary collaborations to include.