Two New OJIN Articles Posted in July

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OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, ANA's online journal, has posted two new articles in July to add to the September 2009 topic, Promoting Health Literacy: Strategies for Healthcare Providers.

The article “Educating Nursing Students about Health Literacy: From the Classroom to the Patient Bedside,” by Kari Sand-Jecklin and colleagues, discusses the significance of inadequate health literacy and shares strategies for identifying and intervening with patients who have limited health literacy. The authors also describe how they incorporated health literacy content into their nursing education program and assessed the impact of this brief session. The results of this assessment indicated both a significant increase in student health literacy knowledge and a need for nurses to assess more fully patients’ understanding of what they have been taught.

Electronic Personal Health Records That Promote Self-Management in Chronic Illness,” an article by Beverly Mitchell and Deborah L. Begoray, provides an overview of COPD management, self-management programs, health literacy, and the use of electronic PHRs a self-management tools, emphasizing that PHR programs must match the patient’s level of health literacy. The authors draw upon Nutbeam’s health literacy framework to guide healthcare provider in matching a patient’s health literacy level with a software program appropriate for a particular patient.