Nurses Rock the Foundation Campaign

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The American Nurses Foundation ( ANF) gives nurses opportunities to explore warning signs of stress-related high blood pressure; discover how diabetes can be monitored improving the life of the diabetic; delve into the stages of infant development; examine alternatives to the obesity trend; enhance skills to communicate with populations from babies to the elderly; uncover the value of caring; teach prevention of foodborne illnesses; encounter new methods to handle addictions, such as smoking; understand the effects of lifestyle habits on the human body; reach out to assist our own; improve quality of nursing care; realize dreams in the nursing profession

Do you want to Rock the Foundation? Click on the Donate button to the right  to make your tax-deductible donation to the Nurses Rock the Foundation Campaign supporting the mission and work of ANF because you want to ensure nurses always have the opportunity to personify the value of compassion; develop more skills to advance the profession; improve communications to promote the public health and better serve patients; learn techniques to aid the healing process!