More New Articles Posted in OJIN!

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OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing offers new articles in previously published topics.

Under the topic Emergency Preparedness: Planning for Disaster Response, Adams and Canclini discuss participatory action research conducted post Hurricane Katrina. This study included a clinical learning experience that involved nursing students in a health education project related to one community’s desire to better prepare for future disasters.

A very recent topic from January 2008, First Genetics, Now Genomics: What Do Nurses Need to Know?, features a new article by Junglen, Pestka, Clawson, and Fisher that describes strategies used to gain the genetic and genomic competencies needed to care for hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) patients.

The topic Power to Influence Patient Care: Who Holds the Keys? Features a new article by Paynton that discusses how nurses utilize informal power to influence patient care.