ANCC Seeks Nominations for Two Commission on Certification At-Large Positions

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Applicants Needed!

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) is seeking nominations from various specialty areas to apply for two Commission on Certification (COC) Certified Nurses At Large Positions.

The Commission on Certification is the governing body of Certification. In order to sit on the COC one must be ANCC Certified and practicing in one’s specialty area. Additionally, one must not be currently sitting on any other ANCC volunteer committee.

Travel to three all expense paid meetings a year that last two and half days is required, and one must be available via conference call at least once a month.

If you believe that you have the leadership skills necessary to make an impact by serving on the governing body of a nationally recognized certifying organization, please send us an application request before July 31, 2008.

The responsibilities for the COC are outlined in the ANCC bylaws below.

Please contact the Volunteer Liaison Specialist for more information and an application:
ANCC Volunteer
Attn: Volunteer Liaison Specialist
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3492

Deadline to Apply is Thursday, July 31, 2008


Commission on Certification

Section 1. Purpose and Function. The Commission on Certification (hereinafter referred to as the “COC”) shall govern ANCC certification activities.

Section 2. Composition and Qualifications.

  1. The COC shall consist of at least ten members appointed by the Appointments Committee with minimum representation as follows:
    1. One commissioner shall be a sitting member of the ANA Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics. This commissioner shall be ANCC certified and possess knowledge of and experience in standards development, specialization, certification, and regulation of nursing practice.
    2. Three commissioners shall be current content expert panel (CEP) volunteers.
    3. Four commissioners shall be ANCC-certified individuals not currently serving on a certification board or content expert panel.
    4. One commissioner shall be a public/consumer member.
    5. One commissioner shall be an ANCC-certified member of the ANCC Board.

Section 3. Responsibilities. The COC shall:

  1. implement ANCC certification activities adhering to the appropriate standards of ANA and related professional specialty organizations;

  2. set certification program policy;

  3. certify candidates who meet the requirements for certification;

  4. develop and approve a budget within established guidelines to accomplish the goals of the certification program;

  5. serve as the final appellate body for certification candidate and certified nurse appeals;

  6. receive, review, and comment on proposals from the ANA Congress on Nursing Practice and Economics and related professional specialty organizations for new certification examinations; and

  7. provide systematic evaluation of the certification program.

Section 4. Removal. A commissioner may be removed with or without cause at any time by majority vote of the other commissioners.