Call for Case Studies for TIGER

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The TIGER Initiative Usability and Clinical Application Design Collaborative is gathering case studies and examples that illustrate usability and clinical design from various practice environments until February 22, 2008. To successfully implement and sustain clinical information systems and healthcare technology, the systems used by nurses and other disciplines must be highly usable and support a design that reflects the thinking and workflow of healthcare professionals in complex healthcare systems.

TIGER is looking for a variety of real-life examples that have applied usability and clinical design into their processes, applications and evaluation of information systems and/or technology at the point-of-care. Usability is the ease to learn, remember and use specific clinical applications or products. Usable designs fit with the way people think and do work. Good clinical design that serves nurses as knowledge-workers: engages nurses and interdisciplinary colleagues in the design/validation process; focuses on the patient experience; supports and reflects professional scope of practice (vs. tasks); and provides evidence-based knowledge/clinical decision support at the point-of-care and across the continuum of care. Examples that illustrate either best practices or lessons learned can help others avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

Please consider completing the reporting form based upon your experience or your client or organization's experience. The form can be retrieved from the front page at and completed in less than 30 minutes. If you have any questions or concerns about the form, please do not hesitate to send an email to This information will remain confidential.

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