ANCC Wants Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialists!

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The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) needs volunteers to help write their Clinical Nurse Specialist in Pediatric Nursing Exam by serving on their Content Expert Panel (CEP). They are looking for nurses who are ANCC certified in their specialty area and are active in practice (working at least 21 hours a week). They encourage volunteers to apply from: a variety of geographical locations, diverse ethnic/racial backgrounds, all age groups, and with varied career experience to ensure that our exams accurately reflect each specialty. Preference is given to those who have been practicing in their certification specialty for less than twelve years, since we are writing entry level exams.

Why volunteer?

All volunteers make invaluable contributions to their specialty and are recognized by the nursing community for their contributions. ANCC recognizes the efforts of our volunteers by: paying for all travel expenses for in person meetings, providing your employer with a letter of recognition, and allowing active volunteers an award of contact hours in continuing education toward career development that is required for recertification. Our meetings and conference calls are a great way to meet fellow nurses in your specialty from all over the country!

How much time is involved?

Up to three in person meetings are held per year at our headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. ANCC pays for all travel expenses for these meetings. Additionally, volunteers may be asked to participate in occasional conference call. CEP members serve four year terms. There is a two-term limit for appointments, and all applicants must reapply prior to being reappointed. There is no guarantee of being reappointed due to the criteria the panel must meet for our exams to maintain accreditation.


Please visit  the website for more information, including an application:

All applications must include a curriculum vitae and a job description (if available). They may be returned in PDF or Word 2003 format (containing .doc extension) to: