Urge Committee to Include Nurse Practitioners in the Definition of Medical Homes

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In 2006, Congress created the Medicare Medical Home Demonstration Project —a concept designed to reward primary care providers (PCPs) for providing ongoing care and coordination of care, particularly for complex patients. While the current project is limited in scope, there is particular concern that the current law’s definition of “medical home” – which is limited to “board certified physicians” – could become the standard for both Medicare and the entire health care industry.

The Senate Finance Committee is developing legislation to expand the Medical Home Project. This presents an opportunity to recognize the important role that nurse practitioners play in providing primary care to complex patients, by including NPs within the primary care providers who are eligible to serve as medical homes.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) has been working with the Committee, as well as other nursing organizations, to ensure that the new legislation will state explicitly that nurse practitioners who provide primary care are eligible to serve as medical homes.

You can help! Check our list to see if your Senator is a member of the Senate Finance Committee—if so, you can help by urging them to include NPs in any proposed medical home expansion. The Committee is deciding this issue now, so please use our Senate contact information and talking points to call your Finance Committee members today.