Urgent - Feedback Needed on Clinical Nurse Specialists

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Provide your Feedback now on Clinical Nurse Specialists

In May 2006 representatives from Clinical Nurse Specialist stakeholder groups were convened to participate in a National Consensus Initiative for Core CNS Competencies with the goal of identifying and reaching consensus on core CNS competencies relevant to the entry-level CNS, regardless of specialty, population, or setting.

Draft competencies and related specific behaviors have been identified (see below). This is your opportunity to provide feedback about these core competencies, which reflect CNS practice and will guide future educational preparation. Let us know how these competency statements reflect your current practice and you academic preparation for the CNS role. Use the survey below to provide your feedback.

Survey participants will be asked to rate competency statements and the related specific behavior statements for relevance and specificity.

You have until May 24, 2008 to provide your important feedback

Download the Proposed Competencies (below) and then go to the survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=nsURtU6cmiMgQKNp0WyFXQ_3d_3d

Thank you in advance for your feedback on this important initiative.