American Nurse Today September CE

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The latest issue of American Nurse Today features the CE module, Be a Myth-Buster: Stop the Misconceptions about Fibromyalgia.

Some health care professionals dismiss the very real, very complex, and very painful condition of fibromyalgia as a wastebasket diagnosis. And some view fibromyalgia patients as malingerers—and worse. In such an atmosphere, these patients, about 6 million in the United States, must meet the challenge of coping with extensive pain and fatigue and trying to find adequate treatment for a perplexing condition. As a nurse you can help by learning about fibromyalgia, educating patients and colleagues, and providing patients with supportive, holistic care

The purpose of this CE modules is to provide registered nurses with evidence-based information on the latest strategies for identifying and managing the patient with fibromyalgia.