Doctor Not Indicted in Post-Katrina Patient Deaths

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A grand jury refused on Tuesday to indict Dr. Anna Pou accused of murdering four seriously ill hospital patients with drug injections during the desperate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, closing the books on the only mercy-killing case to emerge from the storm.

ANA is very supportive of the nurses who stayed and cared for patients during and after hurricane Katrina, as well as nurses who supported these efforts in other ways.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) issued a  joint statement see below  last week urging criminal prosecution not take place against the doctor. During any disaster, health care providers – doctors, nurses and others – must work together to make the best decisions that they can given available resources.

Pou and two nurses were arrested last summer after Attorney General Charles Foti's investigation concluded they killed four patients with a "lethal cocktail" at Memorial Medical Center amid the chaotic conditions that followed Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Anna Pou acknowledged administering medication to the patients but insisted she did so only to relieve pain.

Last week, a group of doctors and nurses held a rally on the anniversary of Pou's arrest, and hundreds of people turned out to show support.