An International Nurses Day Message

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An International Nurses Day Message
from Hiroko Minami, President, International Council of Nurses (ICN)
As President of ICN it is a privilege for me to send greetings and congratulations to ICN member national nurses associations and nurses around the world on the occasion of International Nurses Day. I commend you all for your commitment, hard work and dedication to reducing mortality, alleviating suffering and improving the health of populations. Nursing services are the core of any health system and strong national nurses associations are one of the greatest assets for nurses, nursing and health in any country.

This year’s IND theme, Positive Practice Environments: Quality workplaces equal quality patient care, calls attention to the crucial importance of a quality health care work environment that supports the delivery of safe, high quality and efficient health services. To mark this IND theme, ICN is launching a global call to address and improve the serious deficiencies currently existing in the health work environment in all regions. The ongoing underinvestment in the health sector in many countries has resulted in a deterioration of working conditions. This has had a serious negative impact on the recruitment and retention of health personnel, the productivity and performance of health facilities, and ultimately on patient outcomes. Positive practice environments (PPE) must be established throughout the health sector if national and international health goals are to be met.

ICN believes nurses must take an active leadership role in advancing positive practice environments and shaping new solutions. But in doing so we must work in partnership; influence and negotiate; and build alliances. As our primary partners in all ICN’s efforts to improve the health of the populations we serve, I invite you all to join in the Positive Practice Environments campaign and I wish you a joyous International Nurses Day celebration.

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