Taking a Stand: Creating an Incivility-Free Nursing Environment

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Did you know that roughly 21% of nursing turnover can be related to incivility in the workplace? Replacing one nurse in the U.S alone can cost up to $88,000. In an ongoing ANA survey of nurses’ health and safety 25 percent to 50 percent reported experiencing various instances of incivility in their workplace. Uncivil behavior can lead to low morale, poor teamwork and distrust, decreased job performance and ultimately, diminish patient safety.

Join Joy Longo, Ph.D., RNC-NIC, on July 15 at 1 p.m. ET, for the next Navigate Nursing webinar, Taking a Stand: Creating an Incivility-Free Nursing Environment, as she discusses the meaning of incivility. Longo will share tools and resources to help you deal with uncivil behavior in your workplace. Learn organizational and individual strategies that address best ways to intervene and create a safer work environment for yourself and others.This webinar is free for ANA members.