Nurse Hiring Outlook and Industry Trends

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With demand for services anticipated to increase because of the Affordable Care Act and impending retirements, the hiring outlook for registered nurses is positive, says ANA senior policy fellow and health care economist Peter McMenamin, PhD. Read Peter's take on the outlook for nursing employment in his Issues Up Close column in the March 2013 American Nurse Today: “Economic Prospects for RNs: 2013 and Beyond.” (Access requires LOGIN.)

For more of Peter's insights, including the impact of increased emphasis on care coordination and explosive Medicare growth, read this Q&A interview.

Q. How is the hiring outlook?
Peter McMenamin: Great. Nursing is a good job. Work satisfaction is high. If you look at the employment in U.S. hospitals for the last decade, month after month, there's only a single month where employment went down. Hospitals have been continuing to hire during the recession.

Q. Will the trend toward an increase in hiring continue?
Peter McMenamin: The Labor Department predicted there would be 712,000 new jobs for registered nurses between 2010 and 2020. Everyone is expecting there are going to be more jobs. We're hoping that there will be enough nurses to fill all of those jobs.