Seeking Public Comment on Reduction of Patient Restraint and Seclusion

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The American Nurses Association's (ANA) Congress on Nursing Practice and Economic (CNPE) and the Center for Ethics and Human Rights is seeking public comment on the position statement: Reduction of Patient Restraint and Seclusion in Health Care Settings.

ANA’s existing position statement (originally adopted in 2000) has recently been reviewed, updated and expanded. The revised statement reiterates ANA’s position that restraining or secluding patients/residents, either directly or indirectly, is viewed as contrary to the fundamental goals and ethical traditions of the nursing profession which upholds the autonomy and inherent dignity of each patient or resident. The position statement offers recommendations for nurses who occupy the roles of staff nurse, educator, and administrator in relation to ensuring safe, quality care for all patients in the least restrictive environment.

ANA is invites the comments of nurses, nursing students, and anyone in the general public on this document. If you are interested in providing your comments, please download the document below and submit your comments via the online form by 5:00pm EDT on November 9, 2011. If you have questions, contact

The CNPE appreciates your assistance with reviewing this important document.