ANA and TNA Speak Out Against Wrongful Prosecution of Winkler County Nurses

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Update 2/11/10: Not Guilty - Texas Jury Acquits ‘Winkler County’ Nurse

The American Nurses Association (ANA), which represents the interests of the nation’s 3.1 million registered nurses, has joining forces with the Texas Nurses Association (TNA) to strongly criticize the recent indictment and prosecution of two registered nurses in Winkler County, Texas, for reporting to the Texas Medical Board their concerns about a physician’s standard of practice at the Winkler County Memorial Hospital in Kermit, Texas.

TNA announced that it has established the TNA Legal Defense Fund for the Winkler County nurses, with a goal of raising at least $10,000 for their defense. TNA plans to match every dollar contributed by individual nurses up to $5,000. TNA and ANA call on all nurses to contribute to the fund -- to make a donation please visit

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