Nursing Video Gallery

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ANA is keeping the pulse of nursing today.  These videos focus on what nurses have to say, as well as highlighting the work ANA is doing.  Watch the nursing and health videos listed below and stay tuned for more!
  • Member Voices 2015 - Liz Stokes

    ANA Member Voices

    Released as part of the 2015 ANA Annual Report, ANA members Michelle Schmerge and Felicia Stokes discuss advocating for nurses and using the revised Code of Ethics in two short videos.
  • Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Video Thumbnail

    Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

    Creating a culture of safety and utilizing the appropriate technology for all health care workers, including registered nurses, ensures that patients are safe, health and safety is maintained and unnecessary injuries are avoided. This video also contains a call to action and links to and
  • Protecting Nurses from Injury Nationwide

    Protecting Nurses from Injury Nationwide – ANA supports a bill in Congress that would establish a national occupational safety standard eliminating the manual lifting of patients to protect RNs, other health care workers and patients from injury. ANA President Pamela Cipriano urges health care employers to implement standards and educate their staffs on the effective use of technology.
  • Preventing Nurse Injuries Photo

    Preventing Nurse Injuries

    We have the assistive lifting technology and the ability to create a culture of safety to protect nurses and patients from injuries caused by manual patient handling. We must employ these strategies universally to avoid preventable career-threatening injuries to nurses.
  • Evaluate Your Health, Wellness and Safety

    Take the ANA HealthyNurse Health Risk Appraisal to identify the unique health, wellness and safety risks you encounter in your daily professional and personal lives, and receive a personalized report to compare how you are doing, ANA President Karen Daley encourages.
  • Nurses and the Flu Vaccine

    Nurses Urge Influenza Vaccination

    Nurses urge everyone 6 months and older to get the seasonal influenza vaccination. Immunization is a safe and easy way to prevent illness. The flu can be deadly, especially for people with diseases like asthma and diabetes, but it is preventable. (0:57)
  • RNHealthLawSupportth

    RNs Proclaim Health Law Support

    Nurses representing ANA join other advocates of the Affordable Care Act in a demonstration outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the court considers questions about the law’s constitutionality in 2012. (0:40)

  • FightingForNursesth

    Fighting for Nurses Who Speak Up for Patients

    The careers and lives of two west Texas nurses were jeopardized when they were prosecuted for reporting a physician at their hospital for unsafe practices. In the end, ethics and justice prevailed, with support from the Texas Nurses Association and ANA. (3:23)
  • PresDaleyGreetingSTUth

    Greetings to Student Nurses

    It’s a time of great opportunity for student nurses entering a profession recently energized by health care reform and the Future of Nursing report, says ANA President Karen Daley in this video.
  • PresDaleyGreetingMembersth

    Shaping the Future Together

    ANA President Karen Daley highlights the expanded opportunities for nurses brought about by health care reform and the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing initiative, and urges nurses to unite to advocate for the profession and shape the future of health care.
  • AffordableCareAct_th

    Standing Firm on Health Care Reform

    Efforts to repeal or diminish the Affordable Care Act represent a “huge step backwards,” says ANA President Karen Daley, who stands firm on protecting advances in insurance coverage and new emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion. (2:38)
  • WTO-HIV-Prevention-th

    Preventing HIV and TB for Health Care Workers

    ANA supports efforts to prevent the transmission of communicable disease and provide access to treatment post-exposure. Too many health care workers still are at risk for contracting potentially deadly diseases that are highly preventable, says ANA President Karen Daley. (4:10)
  • HOD-Obama-speech-Thumb

    HOD 2010 - President Obama Speech (video)

    President Obama took the stage at ANA’s House of Delegates (HOD) Wednesday June 16 to thank ANA and nurses for their strong commitment to ensuring access to health care and system reform.
  • Ambi-Zeller-HahnTh

    Nurses on the Frontlines: Ambi Zeller-Hahn Interview (video)

    ER nurse Ambi Zeller-Hahn describes patient at risk of stroke who couldn’t afford ER visit or hospital stay
  • ANA History R Barry button

    Nursing Past, Present, Future (video)

    ANA Archivist, Richard Barry, describes the symbols and people in the ANA murals that tell nursing’s story.
  • New ANA Ceo video button

    ANA CEO Marla J. Weston, Priorities (video)

    CEO's vision for ANA's involvement in the healthcare reform debate, addressing the nursing shortage and partnering with the constituent and state nurses associations...