Reference Committee

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The Reference Committee, is a standing committee of the Membership Assembly, ANA's governing body. One of the key responsibilities of the Membership Assembly is to determine policy and positions for the Association.

The Reference Committee supports the development of professional policy by disseminating a Call for Reference Proposals to all ANA members. The input from the Call informs the professional policy issues discussed at the annual Membership Assembly meeting. Professional policies are also developed via Professional Issues Panels and the ANA Board of Directors.

Professional policies are needed to:
  • Advance ANA's mission Nursing Advancing Our Profession to Improve Health for All;
  • State ANA's position;
  • Achieve ANA's Strategic Goals;
  • Support ANA's legislative, regulatory and public outreach efforts; and
  • Inform decisions regarding how, or if, ANA should engage in activities related to a given topic or issue.
The past reports of the Reference Committee (see below) demonstrate how ANA members serving on the Membership Assembly are focused on nationally relevant issues when they come together to do the work of the profession at the annual meeting of the Membership Assembly.

As an ANA member, YOU are encouraged to engage with your constituent or state nurses association or Organizational Affiliate to identify proposed strategic policy topics and submit Reference Proposals! Please read the memo below from Reference Committee Chair, Mary Tanner, PhD, RN about the Call for Reference Proposals. The Call opened on December 15, 2016 and will close at 5:00pm Eastern Time on January 26, 2017.

For additional information on the Reference Committee, please send a message to