Membership Assembly

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The Membership Assembly is the governing and official voting body of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It identifies and discusses issues of concern to members and provides direction to the Board of Directors.

The Membership Assembly is comprised of:

  • Two representatives elected from each Constituent and State Nurses Associations (C/SNAs) and the Individual Member Division (IMD);
  • One representative from each of ANA’s Organizational Affiliates; and
  • ANA Board of Directors.

The two representatives from each C/SNA and the IMD shall be elected by secret ballot by the members of the C/SNA or IMD and must be members of ANA in good standing.

The Membership Assembly also includes the following, who shall have courtesy seats with voice but no vote:

  • Past Presidents of ANA;
  • Presidents/chairpersons or designees of the:
    • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC);
    • American Academy of Nursing (AAN);
    • American Nurses Foundation (ANF);
    • Chief staff officer of the C/SNA the IMD, and ANA's Organizational Affiliates; and
    • Members of the C/SNAs and the IMD as determined by policy.