Shirley Carew Titus (1892-1967) 1982 Inductee

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ANA Hall of Fame Inductee Shirley Titus

Working through the state nurses associations and the American Nurses Association (ANA), Shirley Carew Titus championed nursing's responsibility to improve the economic security through collective bargaining, insurance plans, recommendations on salaries, benefits, and job responsibilities, consultation to private duty registries, and extending ANA's Professional Counseling and Placement Service into state and district offices. Her 1943 article, Economic Security Is Not Too Much to Ask, asserted that as employed professionals, nurses need the protection of, and the legal right to, collective bargaining. Organized nursing began to show recognition of Titus' commitment through a resolution of appreciation adopted at the 1946 ANA convention. Delegates had unanimously adopted the program for economic security endorsing the state nurses associations as bargaining representatives. "Miss T" was carried from the hall on the shoulders of delegates. In 1976, ANA established the Shirley Titus Award in her honor, to recognize the contributions individual nurses have made to ANA's economic and general welfare program.