Barbara Thoman Curtis Award

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Established in 1991, the Barbara Thoman Curtis Award is presented to a C/SNA-ANA or IMD member for significant contributions to nursing practice and health policy through political and legislative activity.

About Barbara Thoman Curtis

Barbara Thoman Curtis, who passed away in October 2015, was a catalyst for political activity and awareness within the nursing profession beginning in the early 1970s. She made significant contributions as a nursing leader having served on the ANA Board of Directors, ANA-PAC Board of Trustees, ANA Committee on Appointments, ANA Finance Committee, and ANA Committee on Bylaws. Barbara “developed” the role model for the political nurse. She helped to pioneer ANA’s involvement in politics and legislation and served as a mentor to countless numbers of nurses across the country. 

Barbara Thoman Curtis educated nurses on the political and legislative processes and nursing's role in the formation of health care policy for several decades and earned a reputation for being a political activist for nursing.

Throughout her nursing career, Barbara was active in various political campaigns and served in a variety of roles (i.e. consultant, campaign manager, fund raiser, scheduler, and volunteer). Her work as a campaign coordinator for the 1986 congressional campaign of Illinois Nurses Association member, Mary Lou Kearns, RN, earned her a national reputation as a political force for nursing.