Instructor Modules

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ANA’s publishing program had developed these products for classroom use:
  • Teaching IOM: Implications of the IOM Reports for Nursing Education Finkelman and Kenner’s (2009) book synthesizes twelve of the Institute of Medicine’s technical reports on quality and health care that have influenced healthcare with regard to improved patient safety, higher quality of care, and reduced errors. Teaching IOM focuses on nursing education strategies, the core competencies derived from these reports, and how to use the reports in the classroom.  A companion Teaching IOM CD-ROM provides additional material for incorporating IOM reports content into curricula and teaching-learning experiences, a sample exam of the critical elements of this content, and an extensive reference and reading list to complement the one in the book.
  • Transformational Eldercare from the Inside Out: Book and Facilitator's Guide James and Linda Henry’s (2006) 160 page easy-to-use facilitator guide is contained on a CD-ROM which can be used with the book. The instructor may adapt any parts of the materials in the guide to make it useful for his or her own training purposes.