Media Coverage: Veterans Affairs APRN Proposal

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VA will expand scope of nurse practice
Modern Healthcare By Shannon Muchmore and Virgil Dickson May 24, 2016

Doctors oppose replacing VA physician anesthesiologists with nurses
United Press International By Stephen Feller May 25, 2016

VA Proposes to Grant Full Practice Authority to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
eNews Park Forest (Serving Park Forest, Illinois) By Rosemary Piser May 26, 2016

The VA Is Smart to Give Nurses More Power
BloombergView Editorial Man 26, 2016
  Also appears in: Chicago Tribune

To cut wait times, VA wants nurses to act like doctors. Doctors say veterans will be harmed
Washington Post By Lisa Rein May 27, 2016

Top VA doc: If there aren’t enough doctors, have nurses treat our vets
Washington Post By Lisa Rein June 2, 2016

VA Would Join 21 States Already Lifting Nurse Practitioner Hurdles
Forbes by Bruce Japsen MAY 26, 2016

VA proposal to expand scope of nurse practice could ease shortage
Modern Healthcare By Virgil Dickson June 2, 2016

VA takes heat over plan to let nurses treat vets without doc supervision
Fox News by Doug McKelway June 01, 2016

VA Considers Expanding Scope Of Practice Of Nurses In Effort To Address Wait Times
Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing

VA's proposed rule would give advanced practice registered nurses full practice authority
FierceHealthcare By Ilene MacDonald May 25, 2016

Physicians, anesthesiologists oppose VA's plans for advanced practice registered nurses
But nurses are in favor of proposal
FierceHealthcare By Paige Minemyer May 26, 2016

Physician groups oppose VA plan to expand nurse practice authority
FiercePracticManagement By Joanne Finnegan May 26, 2016

Anesthesiologists form campaign to combat VA's proposal for advanced practice registered nurses
FierceHealthcare By Paige Minemyer June 1, 2016

VA Wait Times: Criticism Lines Up Behind Veteran Affairs Plan To Let Nurses Take Over Physician Tasks
International Business Times by Clark Mindock May 28, 2016

Doc Groups Steamed Over VA Nurse Proposal (may require free login)
Medpage Today by Joyce Frieden June 1, 2016

VA issues controversial proposed rule to expand nursing scope of practice
Healthcare Drive By Julie Henry June 3, 2016 

This Battle over Advanced Nurses Feels Familiar to Me Blog By Gabriel Perna June 02, 2016

Vets stand to gain under proposed rule
Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) by Terry Sweatt May 27, 2016
(Terry Sweatt is a veteran and a member of the board of the Kentucky Association of Nurse Anesthetists.)

American College of Radiology (ACR) Statement on VA Advanced Practice Nurses Proposed Rule
June 3, 2016

New rule would allow some VA nurses to do more
NBC TV News Channel 8 Grand Rapids, MI May 29, 2016

Docs, RNs Battle Over VA Plans
Hospitals & Health Networks by Marty Stempniak May 31, 2016

VA's Shulkin discusses plan to give nurses more authority
Stars & Stripes (source: Washington Post By Lisa Rein June 2, 2016)

Rule would grant more authority to VA advanced practice nurses
FederalSoup Staff MAY 26, 2016

VA Seeks to Expand Nurses Duties June 1, 2016

ACR issues statement calling for caution regarding VA advanced practice nurses proposed rule June 3, 2016

Physician anesthesiologists urge public to decry VA's proposed rule for APRNs to work to top of license
Becker’s Hospital Review by Kelly Gooch June 01, 2016

Proposal: Cut VA Wait Times by Giving New Authority to Nurses?
Independent Women’s Forum (501(c)(3) research and educational institution) by Patrice J. Lee May 30 2016

VA eyes expanded scope of practice for advanced practice RNs
Advisory Board June 1, 2016

VA proposal would let nurses take on imaging duties By Brian Casey June 3, 2016

New regs for Wednesday: Greenhouse gas disclosures and nurses
The Hill By Lydia Wheeler May 24, 2016