APRNs’ Participation in Medicare Part B

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The initial 2012 statistics from CMS indicate that APRNs enrolled as Medicare Part B providers (and billing under their own NPIs) continued to increase their presence in the Medicare program. Total approved charges earned by APRNs increased by 12.7% compared to the increase in approved charges for all Part B providers of just 1.2%. The 2012 APRN total was $2,718,521,734. (Yes, $2.7 billion, so any SGR changes have a definite effect on the Medicare revenues of enrolled APRNs.) APRNs provided one or more services to 11,394,440 Medicare fee-for-service eligibles in 2012. This was an increase of 1,008,105 persons served compared to the prior year.

With respect to the percentage of Medicare fee-for-service patients who have received one or more APRN services, there has been a 2% increase each year for the last four years on record. 26% of eligible beneficiaries received at least one APRN service in 2009. It was 28% in 2010, 30% in 2011, and 32% in 2012. Finally, for 2012 CMS data indicate that 32,900,220 Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries received at least one service from any Part B provider regardless of specialty. APRNs provided services to 35% of those beneficiaries.

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